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Federal Criminal Defense

While the majority of cases managed by attorneys are subject to state laws, it’s essential to recognize the existence of a federal criminal code in the United States. This code delineates crimes overseen by federal agencies and prosecuted by federal attorneys, with hearings conducted by federal judges in federal courts. The procedures governing these trials, encompassing evidence presentation to sentencing, differ significantly from those in state courts. Consequently, facing charges for a federal crime constitutes a distinct and unique legal situation.

Our defense attorneys for federal crimes are authorized to practice in the Northern District Court. Once we undertake your case, we promptly initiate our independent investigation in readiness for trial. Our cohesive legal team collaborates effectively, and your active participation is also encouraged and valued.

Our goal is always your freedom, but when it comes to plea negotiations, thorough preparations help us get better deals for our clients. Although there are federal guidelines that inform a judge’s decision on sentencing, judges can order less than the guidelines. We will put together letters, statements, and witnesses to back up our arguments for why a lesser sentence should be given.


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